About Habertrashery

Plastic smily girl-landscape2Bollard Beastie instalationBollard BeastieHot Bollard Beastie

Habertrashery is a trash craft playground. I’m the kid playing in the trash, making stuff out of stuff and having fun.

There is so much post-consumer STUFF that can’t be recycled – let alone the stuff that can be recycled but often isn’t. If it can’t be broken down, maybe it can be reused, recrafted, upcycled to extend its useful life. That’s the plan, this is the place to see what happens next.

I also wander around looking at what other people are making out of trash, what’s happening in the upcycling recrafting, recycling world out there. And then I’ll try it too!

And Me? I’m the Habertrasher, drop me a line!


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