Making Merri

I’ve been busy making plarn and crocheting earrings for the Merri Creek Primary School fete (Saturday 24 March 2018). This might be the last time I make stuff for the Merry Merri Fete. Or maybe not. Maybe I’m a Merry Merri Alumni, ready to wield scissors and hooks and needles at a moment’s notice even if my son is at high school (university, in another country, paid ongoing employment, retired and looking after his old mum still making stuff for his primary school fete dang it…) Nah, not answering that now. NOW I’m making stuff for the fete and having fun. What happens next year happens.

SO if you are nearish to North Fitzroy in Melbourne, come and get some earrings!!!!

There’s other stuff too, check out the Fete Facebook page for more info. And while you are on Facebook check out all the fetes going on before the Victorian school holidays hit and all closes down for winter. They’ll be out there again in spring with their instant marquees and gazebos, hand made crafts and foods, giant blow-up slides and amusements, jaffa-smash, choc toss and side show alley sock-a-softies, silent and loud auctions, trash n’ treasure and second hand clothes stalls, kids singing and tap dancing, parents reviving the old rock band and, thankfully, few refreshments when it all gets a bit too much.

But please remember – these are fund-raisers, run by volunteers (most of the time) stocked by volunteers who have donated time money energy and love to the cause. Please think of the cash you pay out as donations rather than places you can get a bargain – although you no doubt can and often do. Our schools get finite funding and need to make up the short fall for programs and infrastructure by fund raising.

If you go down to the fetes today have fun and please support our schools.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.47.29 am



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