Sometimes words fail me. I write for a living – well most of the work I do seems to hinge on writing something, be it a history or just a snappy social media post.  But I find it hard to put words together when I’m trying to communicate something important, a political position, a defense of my beliefs, an argument that cuts right down deep inside me but is not necessarily shared by others. I find it hard to talk about these things without immediately becoming strident and being reduced to incoherence and tears. My strength draws from others who are better at calming and organising their thoughts into rock solid, reasoned but heart-felt words, respectful, generous and piercing in their insight and clarity.

I can’t do that. So when I want to take part, rather than falling apart I make something to bring to the debate.

Australians are currently filling out a one word survey – this is not a vote – asking everyone of voting age to pass judgement on whether family, friends, neighbours and fellow citizens who are not heterosexual should be allowed to share in an entitlement that their family friends neighbours and fellow citizens who are heterosexual take for granted. Love is love, a human right is a right for all humans.

There’s only one word to say.  I crocheted it in scraps of t-shirt and stitched it to a banner and carried it to an event where many family, friends, neighbours and fellow Australians gathered at the neighbourhood post box and posted our surveys.

I won’t post the pics here but they’re out there to see…  Love ya my wonderful neighbourhood!

Everyone should be able to choose to tie the knot, I chose to craft them into my answer.




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