A Fete accompli

Just had our son’s school fete, the last in which we’ll be involved as he’s finishing primary school this year and on to secondary school. EEEEK how has that happened so quickly???

It was my last great making binge for the Enviro Stall, something I’ve been involved in for the last six years.  We had a much smaller crew, and less time to make than previous years so we combined our efforts with a group of exceptionally talented women who sew garments, bags, cushions and soft toys, make candles and soaps and craft jewellery for the Made in Merri stall at our fete. What an honour to be in this company. I am constantly blown away by what they create in the short time and with the limited materials they have collected or had donated. Beautiful, stunning, quirky, sweet items, brilliant ideas, exceptional skill and exquisite finish. Wish I could create the lovely things they have made over the years but I’m not sure I have the patience and dexterity – and keen eye sight – anymore.


Anyway, I made my plastic wares and one of the creative geniuses photographed some of these for advertising on social media before the big day. Which makes me think I’m a bit behind with this post… After the fact. Could have perhaps wooed a few more visitors and customers if I’d been more organised!

I sold more than I thought I would, which blew me away! And the few that I have left I’m going to think about either reworking or leaving as is and possibly selling them online. I haven’t got an Etsy or Big Cartel online shop, but maybe that’s the way to go? I’ll always be making even if there are no more fetes in our life…





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