Pretty excitingly for me, I’ve actually EXHIBITED MY WORK this year.

O  M  G

Still can’t really get over it. As you can tell.

I’ve been in two (count them, 1… 2…) group shows at Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy (Melbourne Australia).

One was about sustainable ethical art practice and and the other a design show. Some absolutely gorgeous works in those shows by wonderful talented people. I feel honoured and humbled in turn. And also proud to be included in that world, even for a moment.

I’m not sure where I’m really going with all this – except to keep upcycling and recycling and recreating the trash stash and moving ever so slowly towards my ultimate goal of going as close to zero waste in my own life as possible. Zero waste in my life, max waste recreation in my crafting.

Since it’s the festive season I’ve been making bright sparkly things to hang up. Not angels this time, but sun/star burst hanging thingies.  My go to materials for these so far have been the potato chip packets and snack bar packets gathered from Halloween Sugar and Salt Frenzy, along with the more everyday packaging I still seem to be collecting in my own pantry – Rolled Oats plastic packaging yellow, pasta plastic packaging blue – and some plastic carry bags others have collected for me.

Bright. That’s what they are, these dangly things. And SPARKLY with silver-lined plastic.

I’m thinking I can make tinsel with this stuff. Might have a go at that next…


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