Plarning around

2016-06-13 12.58.30

Making lots of plarny things lately and then actually posting them to Instagram (@kaskamaryna).

Which is fun. I love browsing the images and seeing all the extraordinary things people are creating. I’m mostly browsing basketry and natural dye/printing but also having fun just cruising around looking at all the gorgeously inspirational works in other creative realms.

Most recently I’ve been making more plarn bags out of single-use plastic shopping bags in white and grey – the predominant colours collected from the local supermarkets. But I’ve also managed to stash away quite a lot of coloured bags, the sort that turn up on my doorstep to be filled with clothes and toys for charities. My mum and some of my friends have also saved and passed on plastic bags when they’ve forgotten to take their reusable bags shopping. Some of these are coloured single-use plastic bags. With this coloured plarn I’ve made a hat – you can see it in it’s early stages above and a bird’s eye view of the finished hat with a wide brim below, in all it’s crazy coloured glory.

2016-06-18 14.43.26

It’s a hit with the lad – which is amazing really. Can’t usually get him to try anything on! So I’m pretty pleased that he likes it, even with all that pink in there.

The taller lad has suggested I try to make a trilby or a fedora, but I fear these may be beyond my skill. Still worth a shot! I’ll see what I can do…


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