More shiny glittery things – with wings!

OK more of the glittery stuff got in my way this afternoon and so I just HAD to STOP EVERYTHING and make some more tassels.

This time I used a plastic ring from a milk bottle top to loop my sparkly strips through and tied them with one of the cut off seams from the plastic packaging (If all this makes no sense at all see the previous post or check out Whip Up) .

With the ends of the tied-on seam sticking out, the tassel looked like a person – those sticky out bits looked like arms, even more so when I tied a knot at the ends to make ‘hands’. So I decided to tie a sash around the person’s middle. I grabbed a scrap of green linen – very scrappy, no neat hems or selvedge edge and tied a bow around the sparkly strips…

Oooooo Angel!

Angel2 green sash - close up low resAngel3-plastic bagsAngel made of scrap materials

Then I made some more… One with wings made out of plastic bag handles, and one with a bit of spotty organza gift ribbon I’d saved.

They are hanging up against the window glittering and sparkly in the sunlight coming through the grapevine leaves. Pretty.


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