Glittery trashy hanging thingie

I’ve been making glittery things to hang on the Christmas tree – or wherever really.

One of my fave plastic bags to plarn and crochet with is the packaging that comes with Corn Thins corn cracker dry biscuits. It’s a sticky plastic so a bit tricky to crochet, but the colours are good. This plastic is the outside packaging – there’s more inside. More packaging grrrrrr. However, the shiny packaging inside is very good for making glittery things. Yay!

I decided to make some tassels out of it:

Trashy glittery tassel - cutting Making2-Dec2014 copy Making-3 -trashy glittery tassel Dec2014 copy TASSEL trashy glittery Dec2014

First I ripped down the bag’s seams, opened the bag out flat and wiped it clean of corn cracker crumbs.

Then I rolled it up and started snipping the rolled up shiny sheet into strips – the width varied from 1cm to slightly narrower, I wasn’t fussy.

When I had all the strips cut, I lined them up and tied them together in the centre of the bunch – they looked like a stringy shiny bow tie.

I folded the ends down against each other and then took another thread and tied around all the strips near the first knot. A couple of knots to secure this one nice and tight and dropped the ends of the thread to hang alongside the shiny strips.

Then I neatened up the ends and fluffed them out.

The ends of the original thread I used to tie the strips in the middle was tied at the top to make a hanging a hanging loop. Ta Da!

Then there were all these little scrappy bits leftover…

Making trashy glitter Dec2014 Trashy glitter Dec2014 low res

Since I’m on a waste reduction mission I had to do SOMETHING with these bits – DIY glitter was the result. I snipped and snipped the bits of thread and paper into smithereens and then put them away until I should need some more sparkle in my day. No rubbish and I’m not buying any glitter in a hurry.



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