My lovely crafty friend Julianne and I recently engaged in a bit of plarny graffiti.

We embellished the school fence at our kids’ primary school with a little – well actually quite large – love letter to our retiring school principal, the absolutely wonderful Dionne Wright. And then we took some photos…

Julianne Plarn ArtisteJulianne loves Dionne 1 crop

From 9:00am until 2:00pm we twined and twisted and wrapped and knotted our plastic bag yarn around the mesh into our special heart-felt message. Julianne’s youngest child was a model of patience and perseverance during those four hours of crafting – luckily he is partial to a bit of art and craft himself and understood the importance of our endeavour. Recess and lunch times came and went and still we plarned on. But it was worth it!

jennifer we loveHeart Dionne

Pop over to Julianne’s blog to check out some more photos!


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