Portrait Irma – Vik Muniz – Waste Land, a film by Lucy Walker

While we’re all still reeling from Brazil’s staggering loss to Germany in the semi-finals of the Soccer World Cup, let’s remember that there are other less well-known Brazilians kicking goals against the mountains of trash generated by World Cup visitors. They have to, there’s a lot building up. Kyle Wiens’ recent article on Good champions the resourcefulness and creativity of the catadores

waste pickers who earn a living by collecting recyclables from the nation’s trash heap, men and women who will dig through the garbage and pick out each aluminum can, plastic bottle, and glass container… helping to transform Brazil into a true world power in recycling.

I went looking online and found the 2010 film Waste Land by Lucy Walker following artist Victor Muniz’s collaborative project with the catadores.

2014-10-01 17.16.11


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