dream reader catcher

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m doing the Zero to Hero Blogging 101 course. Today’s assignment is about writing a post for your ‘dream reader’ – the person you most wish read your blog. This is a toughie. At first I thought, well I write for me. But if that was truly the case all this could happen in a journal or in a Word doc or even as a private WordPress blog. And this is public, so who am I kidding?

So then I thought, maybe I’m hoping a rich philanthropist will stop by and realise I’m just the person to run their Rethink your Trash campaign – then give me lots of cash to organise workshops where we can reorganise participants’ waste disposal regimes. Um. I don’t think that’s my dream reader, or even my dream job. So I had to keep thinking.

I’ve been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts lately (stay with me). I don’t knit – although I love a bit of natural fibre, and can crochet. I listen because I love to listen to people talking about what they love to do and how and why they do it. I also love that they speak warmly (probably because they are covered head to toe in wool or alpaca) of their knitting community. It just sounds lovely and I want to be part of it. But I don’t knit. OK, they seem to let crocheteers in too, so I could join Ravelry and start lurking around the groups.

But what I think I really want to do is find my peeps. Are there others out there who like to make stuff out of discarded stuff? Who appreciate a bit of genius repurposing? Who swoon at an extraordinary design solution for an everyday inefficiency? Who cheer for a gentle green guerrilla campaign, or rejoice in a splash of outrageous yarn storming?

There are many blogs on the environmental issues we face, on saving the Earth and sustainable lifestyles. Or back-to-earth home-steading and down-to-earth thrifty crafty housekeeping. But these are not quite what I’m looking for. Neither for me the super stylish, white and bright young things designing and making cool and sweet, hip and neat homes. Although I like to browse these blogs, and subscribe to more than I can realistically follow, none really speak to me.

So, I guess I’m looking for my dream readers, I’m looking for my new best friends and a community as warm as Ravelry but not as knitty. In the meantime I’ll keep making and listening and browsing and writing and publishing posts here.


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