Back to basics

OK so I’ve had this blog up for a while – a few months – but I’ve been a bit distracted by DOING STUFF so I haven’t been WRITING STUFF.  So… in order to get back into a habit, I’ve signed up to WordPress’s ZerotoHero Blogging 101 course again. I discovered the course too late the last time – joined about 4 days before the end, and actually at a very busy time for me. This time I’m in at the outset, but curiously the signup didn’t work properly and I’m receiving Blogging201 email updates. Sheesh.

Anyway, I’m plugging away and following through The Daily Post and Twitter, and tagging ZerotoHero so somehow it will all be right in the end.

All that aside here’s the re-introduction to the Habertrashery and the Habertrasher-me.

I write stuff in my work-a-day life, history stuff mostly. But inside there lurks a maker. A crafter. A stasher of stuff. I have a need to make things and – in the words of an old Australian ad jingle for a Keep Australia Beautiful campaign – ‘do the right thing’. In those days it meant using a rubbish bin – not throwing your cigarette out the window of your car, or not squishing your milkshake container into the sand on the beach saying, with a shrug, ‘It’ll deecompohse I suppohse, it’s only paypa’.

These days, ‘do the right thing’ means rethinking what we put into landfill at all, let alone using the bin. It means reducing waste, re-using what we have, and recycling what we no longer use. It also means renewable energy, thrifty and minimal consumption, making-do and mending, and repairing our neighbourhoods and communities locally and globally.

That’s a lot of responsibility, but that’s the 21st century. We’ll be spending much of our time cleaning up after ourselves.

My little corner of all this involves making things out of the rubbish we generate at home. Ultimately I hope to reduce the amount of waste we produce at all, but at the moment, I’m starting one plastic bag at a time. Can I reuse it before I recycle it? Can I satisfy my creative urge by making something out of it? How many uses can I get before it goes into the recycling? Can I keep it out of landfill?

This blog was set up to record my experiments, trace my research and then share all this with friends and others who might be thinking the same way. I’m not sure, but not worried about the longevity of the project at the moment. It’s just important that I’ve started.







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