The 2014 Fete has come and gone. It was fantastic, fantabulous, super beyond expectations but also unreported.

I was going to write something each week leading up to the Fete and then let you all know how it went but… well, that’s what I intended. Didn’t even take any photos! (Hope someone has some so I can post them here…)


The 2013 fete was crazy busy, but this one seemed busier. Even with the extra help of the extra crafty, extra special creative parents to brainstorm the planning, collect materials, make the things to sell, spruik the wares, do the vis merch and set up of the stall and then staff the stall all day, even with all of us there to help it was busy to the nth degree. Our house is now full of the after party. Boxes and boxes of bits and pieces to sort through and store or – heaven forbid – throw away. I’m sure we don’t need to throw anything away??

But it was GREAT. The school achieved its fund-raising goal and then some. Our projected school programs are funded and OK to go – we can even dust off the wish list and see what we can splurge on. Within reason.

I really want to show you what we made for the Enviro Stall, where making stuff out of stuff was the name of the game. Once again this year our crafting table was a big success. Kids (and their adults) could craft away for as long as they liked and make bangles and rattle snakes and wind chimes and beeswax candles and necklaces and lots more from all the bits of stuff we’d collected. Treasure from Trash.

yarn scrap banglesJuice carton wallet closed

Our stall was full of things we’d made from trash too. Once again the creative world on the internet helped us to make wonderful things and to hone our own ideas. I’ll post pics and links to tutorials over the next few posts.

And this time I will post!


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