The fêtes


So what are these ‘fêtes’ you write of?

‘The fêtes’ is one of my dormant blogs. It’s named ‘The fêtes’ after the ‘Fates’ of Greek mythology, and in Plato’s Republic – the daughters of Ananke, Necessity. Fêtes can be feast days or festivals, but in Australia if you say you are going to a fête, you would be going to a school fair. In Australia the school fete (I’m going to stop with the circumflex now…) is also born of necessity. Government schools don’t receive enough funding for all their programs or to pay for all the equipment they need. School councils generally try to keep school fees and financial contributions low and affordable for all families. As a result we depend on our school fetes to supplement the funding we receive from the government. In fact, schools often factor fete earnings into their annual budget . SO rain or shine the fete must go on – AND MAKE MONEY!

My blog, The Fetes, is quiet for most of the year, just taking it easy and lying around the ether waiting for something to happen. Then along comes January, February and it wakes up with a jolt. It’s School Fete time again, time to get up and go! Time to start planning the things we can make and do to fund school programs and projects which would not otherwise exist.

During the months leading up to the fete I scan the internet, sourcing craft projects for spinning straw (or in my case recycled stuff) into gold. These ideas and activities go onto my Pinterest board. Then (actually NOW) I have to start sorting through the 600 odd pins to find the ones that will actually work on the stall.

This year I have a tremendously talented crafty professional joining the stall. One of the Sister Outlaws from Re-Sew-Cool is a fellow parent at our school and has been brainstorming some crafty goodies to sell on the stall with me. YAY HOORAY!!!

It’s gonna be BIG everyone! Bigger than my own prep teacher’s hair back in 1970. HUGE!

So far I’ve been plarning bags and wrapping plastic rings in scrap wool. But we now have a list of possible stock a mile long. It’s wonderful what you can brainstorm over soy chai lattes (with honey). I’ll keep you posted as production for the stall gets going. I’ll be posting to The Fetes as well, so check that out too!

green plarn bag-1green plarn overall monster bag - small


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