the trash stash

OK I admit it. I am a hoarder. And not just any old hoarder, a hoarder of trash.

To illustrate: I have just emptied a bag of rolled oats from its packaging into our oats container in the pantry. I have not thrown away the bag. No where on the bag is there information about its disposal. No recycling symbols not even a picture of a little person putting it in the bin (I make a mental note to write to the company).

But it’s not going into my bin.

haberdashery rolled oats2014-01-31 10.37.01

It’s a bright yellow plastic bag with red and black labelling. Quite eye-catching. I’m going to put this bag – wiped down and straightened out – into my stash. My ‘this will be useful one day’ stash. I have a room full of the stuff – and it’s creeping out into other areas of the house…

So why? Why on earth do I keep trash? Well, that’s why. The earth. The earth doesn’t need more rubbish. And although this ex-oats package will eventually become waste, maybe it can live a little longer as something other than packaging and not yet litter the earth.

The ‘trash’ I collect becomes my crafting material. I recycle, re-imagine, reinvent, re-craft, renovate and re-purpose my trash into treasure. Well that’s how I feel about it. I’ve been doing this for some time, more purposefully since my son started school and I became involved in running a stall at the school fete. Finally I have an outlet for my bits and pieces. Finally I have room to imagine more strange and wonderful creations – although I’m not sure there’s actually enough room in my house for the raw materials or enough room on the stall to accommodate all my ambitions.

So I’m going all out here in this blog. I’m going to pull apart the trash stash and spend each day crafting and posting about my journey through the mountains of plastic, wire, cork, fabric, tin, wood with only my hands to feel my way and my imagination to guide me.

Here we go! Coming?


2 comments on “the trash stash

    • Aw thanks! I appreciate the vote of confidence! Have popped over to your rooftop to have a look and think your crafting and posts are lovely, and Chalie is adorable. Am very new to this blogging caper and will try hard to do as well as you – thanks again!

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